Quotes from Twerkettes

I absolutely love Twerk N Fab! It’s such an awesome format that combines dance with unexpectedly effective toning. Everyone in class is friendly and supportive of one another so it’s a super inviting environment. Nisi is an amazing instructor and knows how to motivate and help you develop your twerk skills, no matter your experience level. I’ve struggled with my weight for years and this class has made more feel more comfortable and confident in my body than ever before. I look forward to this class every week and am always disappointed when I have to miss it.
— Mckenna V.
I was scared to death to go to my first twerk class in all honesty. I don’t know how to twerk! Detaching my butt from the rest of me and getting it to move has always seemed to evade me. But Hello! That’s not what it’s about!! Stepping into Nisi’s class on Day 1 you are forced to shed that persona. The person who wants to hide, the one that needs to fit in society’s box. Say bye! The environment is electric people building each other up. Laughter. Smiles. Soon you realize you’ve let it all go and you’re just having a good time. And oh yay. You totally learn how to twerk in the process. Since the first class I’ve found a new me. Someone who isn’t scared to get it wrong but who will do it anyways. Someone who is willing to laugh it off and not care what anyone thinks. Physically let go of boundaries, the ones that tell you no, and find your inner twerkette. She’s there, I promise you!
— Kaelyn H.
I met Nisi as a Ujam instructor and fell in love with her teaching techniques, infectious smile and encouraging attitude. So when I saw she started Twerk N Fab, I knew I had to be a part of it! My entire life I’ve been known as the girl with the bubble butt but sadly, I didn’t really know how to move it (especially the way you’d think would come naturally lol). Not gonna lie, my first few classes were awkward movements on my part, but I kept coming back because it was a fun, inexpensive way to get some good cardio in. I started only going on Saturday’s and noticed small differences in myself so now I’m going twice a week, wishing it was more. In the past few months since joining Twerk n fit classes, I’ve lost over 25 pounds, learned some dope ass routines, gained the confidence to even workout in front of others IN A SPORTS BRA and made some great friends. I have and would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. Big, small, two left feet, male, female, whoever. All you gotta do is come to class once, I promise you’ll be hooked!
— Crystal S.
Twerk N Fab is a class about mindy, body and soul! This class is about physical fitness that fuels your soul, while teaching you to love yourself from the inside out.
— Shawna D
From the first time I tried Twerk N Fab I was HOOKED! Never had i taken a class like it before. How can you not love everything ...... from the energy, positive vibes, confidence boost, booty shaking fun, not to mention the calories you burn! Before Nisi’s class I would ever imagine I could twerk, however the biggest surprise is the new found confidence I have. I am leaning to love my body in all forms. Thank you for all you do to bring love and light into fitness!
— Kate L.